You can’t-a-have-a de Mango!

…is not likely a phrase you’ll be hearing in the U.S. anymore, thanks to the reopening of the market in a curious swap deal: India Swaps Mangoes for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

“I wonder how many mangoes it would take to buy a Harley,” Garbotron asks.

Good question!

According to the story, “The first shipment of 150 boxes of pristine alphonso and kessar mangoes has just been sent to the American market. They are expected to cost $36 per dozen.”

So…easy math: $3 a mango.

Conversely, a 2008 XL 883 Sportster 883 (a bike I picked at random – no, seriously…) starts at $6695, per the Harley Davidson website (Wisconsin represent! [Fun fact: my parents also live near the furthest north Harley Davidson dealer in the world]).

Therefore…all things being equal and not taking conversion fees or anything like that into consideration, it takes approximately 2232 mangoes to equal one such Harley (before taxes, license and registration).


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