They couldn’t spell Ptarmigan…

So they named it Chicken.

I was reading the Milepost and said, “Chicken. Population: 21.” And my mother said, “Surely that’s in the summertime…” so I continued on and said, “Ah, yes. ‘Winter: 6.'”

There’s obviously not much to Chicken (including flushing toilets) except for the “Beautiful Downtown.” We had lunch at the Chicken Creek Cafe on our way back from Dawson City and had some darn good apple pie there. I also wanted to try the pie at Fast Eddie’s in Tok…but, sadly, I did not have enough room when we were blowing through town. (We tried the bumbleberry pie at Rose’s Cafe just outside of Denali though…)

One fun little thing about Chicken is that I have a picture of my grandmother from years and years ago and she’s standing in front of a water barrel or something that says, “Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Chicken” (see above – that’s all there is). And I got to pose in front of that very same barrel!


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