Fried Pies

Heard of ’em.

Read about ’em.

But never tried ’em m’self.

Nevertheless, a former colleague alerted me to the following story in the Times this week: As Easy as Pie, and It Sizzles.

(Oh how I long to write these stories…fluffy though they may be…)

I actually have one of the pie books she mentions in the story, so I suppose I *could* experiment with these fried pies myself…(frying things makes me think of my cousin Richard as he’s the one with the Presto Fry Daddy and the turkey fryer…and he was *also* the one who helped me with the fried cheese curds not all that long ago).

The fried concoctions Ms. Clark talks about kind of remind me of McDonald’s Apple Pie (I’m linking to Pimp that Snack because everything else I found was about nutritional information…and that’s not much fun, is it?)…one of my few memories of my father is eating apple pie with him at McDonald’s…and it seemed like a real novelty at the time so it must have been something that Mom didn’t really indulge in. (He also used to let me eat Cookie Crisp. So perhaps it’s a good thing he didn’t raise me…or I’d be a candidate for bariatric surgery now.)


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