Brian on the Wall!

Remember the bumbleberry pie at Rose’s Cafe just outside of Denali?

Well…apparently Rose is also known for super-gigantic burgers (perhaps called the Denali Burger? Or maybe the Grizzly Burger?) and if you eat one with a minimum of two patties (maybe I’m unintentionally making this up?), you get your photo on the wall. And I’ll be darned if my mother didn’t spot her husband on the wall just right by the door.

We had already eaten lunch though, so she and I didn’t have room for enormous hamburgers (although I was really craving a big ol‘ burger pretty much the whole time I was there…and ironically [or something], I think I ate more fish than anything else…). There were a bunch of burly guys on their way up to Fairbanks for the fair next weekend and they were all eating big ol‘ burgers with lots and lots of stuff on ’em though.

I should hasten to add that Brian is having knee surgery on August 6th…so best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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