I went to a journalism convention this weekend…

And learned how to do this:

I actually work with this guy (and I really hope that he doesn’t mind that I’ve linked to him on my blog…but I’m guessing that if he was willing to dress up for the Transformers premiere at Times Square that he’s not one to embarrass easily…).

I also learned ways to boost my traffic here and, you know, build a community. We’ll see. I’m even thinking about breaking down and procuring a MySpace page (I know, I know…what has come over me?). A friend from high school was telling me that pretty much everyone from the George Walton Comprehensive High School Class of 1998 is on there (along with everyone else in the world, presumably…). So it may be a good way for me to get back in touch with long lost classmates, too…

The professor on the blog panel said that if anyone in the audience wanted to give him the address of their personal blog, he would add it to the list in his presentation. That might also boost my traffic…but I’m not sure if I’m quite brave enough to do it yet.


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