Chunks of Chips in this Cheesecake…?

I have a friend who has kind of had a rough time recently…and so I decided to try to cheer him up with a cheesecake. (I also happened to find a totally ridiculous greeting card with a squirrel carrying a cheese plate that said, “Have you brought cheeses into your life?” and briefly contemplated getting that for him as well…but decided it against it.)

I was a *little* short on graham crackers…and thought about compensating with Ritz crackers…but ultimately decided that being a graham cracker or two short wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

The other problem was that it was so darn hot in my apartment with the oven on that the cream cheese and the chocolate chips really melted! So instead of having actual chunks of chips in this cheesecake (try saying that five times fast?), it’s a little more, um, mixed in this time. But it’s an old favorite…and, like I said, I haven’t baked in weeks…so I think it will still go over well tomorrow.


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