Like Breadless Grilled Cheese Sandwiches…

I forgot! One of the other highlights of my trip to Wisconsin was fried cheese curds! I’ve had cheese curds about a million times…it’s sort of tradition now for my mother and I to stop off at the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha on our way either to or from O’Hare. (We almost died during an episode of that TBS series My Boys in which the gang was going to surprise Andy for this birthday and blindfolded him and asked him where he thought he was going…and his first guess was the Mars Cheese Castle.)

And I’ve heard my family talk about fried curds over and over again (a state fair delicacy?), but I’ve never had them myself. So…my family indulged me, little Richard cleaned out his fryer, we whipped up some beer batter, coated the suckers and fried ’em up. And they tasted remarkably like grilled cheese sandwiches. According to my relatives, they are normally eaten with ranch dressing…but there’s one brand (perhaps at the state fair?) that is supposedly so good, you don’t need ranch.


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