I have to put on my thinking cap…

My aunt says, “It seems that everywhere I look there’s something about pies lately!! Our newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, has a pie contest going on”:

Ratatouille and today’s all-American holiday got us thinking about another great food movie, Waitress. We thought it would be fun if readers came up with their own pie creations, a la Keri Russell, whose character Jenna dreams up killer names such as “I Hate My Husband Pie”, chock-full of bittersweet chocolate and spite. We’ll select the 10 most tempting and imaginative creations, taste-test them and pronounce a winner. Flavor gets four points, title three points (ingredients should somehow reflect the title), ease of preparation two points and clear and concise directions one point. The winning entry, to be announced in the August 15 Food Section, receives a year of pies (one a month) from Walker’s Pie Shop in Albany. All 10 finalists will receive a pie from Walker’s and have their recipe printed in the Food section and/or the Times Web site.”

My aunt also says, “Now that’s any easy contest….you don’t even have to bake the thing!!”

I think this would be a great way to redeem myself after blowing off the shoofly contest! But…I don’t really know what my “I Hate My Husband” equivalent would be. I have a vague notion, thematically speaking, I guess…but how to express that with pie stuff might prove tricky.

I don’t know about residency requirements either…my aunt joked that I could email the main food writer at the Contra Costa Times and we could start corresponding and then he will hire me and I can be a food writer…stranger things have happened, I suppose…


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