Is a Correction in Order??

I got very excited when I saw Emily Kaiser’s story, “The Chef’s Palette” in the July issue of Food & Wine. That’s because it includes a blurb on Wayne Thiebaud.

I’d never actually heard of Mr. Thiebaud before…but quickly learned that his work includes cakes and pies. However, the best part was that the paragraph about him begins, “At the Milwaukee Art Museum…” and I just so happened to be going to Milwaukee.

However, a quick search of his name turns up nothing in the MAM collection. And just a regular ol’ Google search for “Pies, Pies, Pies” brings up the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Calif. (But, in MAM’s defense, I just searched for Thiebaud in “DigitalCrocker” and came up empty-handed…)

Either way, I did not get to see these whimsical pies in person this weekend. has a print of his Pie Counter which it says is from the Whitney Museum of American Art. But, again, I’m not having any luck tracking down Thiebaud originals on the Whitney website…but, since the Whitney is in the neighborhood, perhaps I’ve found a project for myself this weekend…

So…I guess I owe Food & Wine an apology and they’re probably right after all – there probably was some sort of Wayne Thiebaud something-or-rather at MAM once and that was what inspired Graham Elliot Bowles to create his own “flight of pies.”


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