On the Road Again…

I made my way down to DC for a conference that begins tomorrow and had some time to visit the memorials I haven’t seen since a fifth grade class trip.

Another travel bonus? Us Weekly! …which this week has a section entitled “Ask The Shrink” in which “doctors analyze the latest in celebrity psychology.” It’s all pretty much what you’d expect: Paris, Britney, Jen…but there was one that caught my attention – none other than Posh Spice’s BFF, the couch-jump-inducing former Dawson’s Creek star. Of Ms. Holmes it says this:

“Katie: Feels the Need to Feed…Her Coworkers.”

It goes on to say that while on the set of her latest film, “Katie Holmes, 28, showered the crew with enough treats to make a dentist beg for mercy, including cupcakes, ice cream, pizza (flown in from Chicago!) and snow cones.”

I suppose I don’t have *too* much to worry about though as it only got one Freud head on a scale of up to five.

Bon Appetit also had some good stuff – including a podcast on making perfect pies (I am addicted to podcasts now…oh, how I love This American Life…and now I see I can learn how to “bake a gorgeous summer pie” as well…)

Their recipe for the perfect crust calls for a combination of lard (or shortening) and butter…as well as sugar and refrigeration. I’m going to see my aunt next weekend…so it will be interesting to hear her thoughts on why she has used the method she has used for so long.

BA also chats with Jessica Alba this month…who, quite frankly, is not someone I’d think I’d have much in common with…however, Ms. Alba says pie is one of her guilty pleasures and she’d like to be able to bake one.

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  1. Anonymous

    If you’ve got time while you’re in Chicago, you may want to stop by The Bleeding Heart Bakery — they’re certified vegan and completely delicious. Also, Milk and Honey in Wicker Park: also tasty and very lovely and casual, much like Alcove in L.A. Enjoy your visit.

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