My Dilemma…

Saturday is the 2007 Rockvale Outlets World’s Greatest Shoo-Fly Pie Bake-Off and I had planned to bake a pie on Friday, rent a car bright and early on Saturday, drive to Lancaster that morning, give it my all in the pie contest that afternoon and drive back that night. However…now I’m leaving on Sunday for a business trip and won’t be back until, like, the fall…and so I feel like maybe I should just scrap the whole pie contest idea and use Saturday to sleep in and pack and wander around the city.

On the other hand…(when I was in the second grade, we read a book that alternated between sentences that began with “Fortunately…” and “Unfortunately…” and then we had to write our own versions in the same style. Based on a quick search for those words on, I’m pretty sure it was this book: Fortunately. [I bring it up because that’s sort of what I feel like I’m doing here with “however” and “on the other hand…”])…it would be a shame to pass up a pie contest…and it would probably breathe new life into all those pitch letters I was supposed to write after the last pie contest. So…I feel like if I look at the car rental as an “investment” that could yield big returns if/when I’m able to sell a story, it would be pretty foolish not to go, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately…I think it means I’m not going to get much sleep this weekend…and in 48 hours I’ll have to track down a rental car and bake a pie…and that sounds like an awful lot to accomplish on a Friday night.


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