No baking today.

I turned on my oven…and – sure enough – I missed a spot when cleaning out the foam. Part of me felt like letting the oven cool down and then wiping it down again and giving the brownies another shot…but part of me realized I have way too much other stuff to do and that I’d end up baking all night…and no good really ever comes of that. Besides, I wanted to do muffins, too, and I don’t have cupcake holders…so it just seems best to hold off tonight. (And I don’t have a reason to show up with brownies at work tomorrow…and I’d like to leave the spontaneous baking to a minimum…)

However…I can’t hold off *too* long as next weekend is the shoofly pie contest…which totally snuck up on me. I’m not sure if I’ll actually go after all…but I feel like it would breathe new life into the whole pie-writing-thing…and so it would be a real shame if I missed it…


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