La Creperie de Central Park?

It was Janelle’s first trip to New York and so we obviously had to hit up Central Park. We couldn’t have picked a nicer day to do it…and as we were walking into the park, I looked up and lo and behold, there was Debra Messing walking in the opposite direction with her son and some blond woman who said, “That’s because you’re getting so big, Roman.” And since I buy celeb mags whenever I have to fly, I know the name of Debra Messing’s son is Roman and so I have tangible evidence that it was actually her (or something like that…).

I don’t think I’ve ever actually spent that much time in the park before…it seems like we did everything: we rented a boat and paddled around…we did a carriage ride with a tour guide who kept saying, “Are you familiar with the movie Home Alone II?” and then pointing out landmarks from the film…a six year-old girl admired my purse…and an older toothless gentleman warned us that we had stumbled into the “gay section” of Central Park and that we should not under any circumstances turn right at the top of the hill.

Janelle’s mother had been raving about a crepe stand in Central Park…which we found near Bethesda Fountain. When I lived in England, we had a beloved creperie in Hampstead, La Creperie de Hampstead, that had (in my opinion) the greatest crepes in the whole entire world. They did one with Belgian chocolate that is just indescribably good. They also made savory crepes…and I remember a friend and I once starved ourselves in London all day so we could go to Hampstead and get both a savory and a sweet crepe before returning to Brighton…and we soon discovered that such gluttony has a price and we did not feel well afterward.

The Central Park crepe stand was pretty good…but it certainly wasn’t the same. I *think* I heard once upon a time that the Hampstead creperie opened an actual restaurant in London…so hopefully I will get back there someday and check things out for myself…

In the meantime, I was contemplating trying my own hand at crepes. I am fairly certain I have seen those wooden crepe-twirler things at Sur la Table


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