Happy (Belated) Birthday, Janelle!

So…my oldest childhood friend was in town (we were out with some of my coworkers the other night and I introduced her as such and one of them said, “How old is she? This can’t possibly be your oldest friend…” and so I had to couch it with, “No, she’s not the oldest person I know…”)

As the title here implies, she celebrated her birthday last week and so I bought all the ingredients for raspberry cheesecake brownies before she arrived as I planned to dazzle her with my baking prowess. However, when I turned on the oven that fateful night, smoke came billowing out again and I realized I would have to actually clean the sucker before ever baking again. (I blame the onion tart with that really greasy crust…which, in hindsight, was completely my fault because I thought it was ridiculous to cream butter in a Cuisinart for ten minutes…)

But…I get a little nervous when using Easy-Off because I worry that no matter how well I try to clean it out afterward that some residue will remain and ultimately I will gas myself when I turn the oven on again…or the fumes will infiltrate the next thing I make and I’ll kill myself that way. And it always seems like no matter how paranoid I am when cleaning out the foam that I always miss a little and have to go back in and clean it out all over again after I turn the oven on for the first time and find a funny smell or open it up and see white stuff. (It’s not easy being me sometimes.)

So…poor Janelle never got her birthday brownies because I didn’t have time to spray my oven and wait for the foam to “penetrate oven soils” for two hours and then actually make the brownies. Which I guess means my coworkers get lucky tomorrow. I used to make these brownies all the time (in certain circles, I’m fairly certain they’re known as “Lisa’s brownies”). But I guess maybe I decided it was overkill and I stopped for a good year or so…but the time has come again to make raspberry cheesecake brownies!


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