This is old.

(I’ve had a friend staying with me…so I started this mid-week last week…and haven’t actually had time to finish it until now. My apologies…)

I heard a story on NPR recently about Target’s new (?) line of wedding gowns and immediately thought, “This is the kind of journalism I want to be doing.”

I know, I know…so completely fluffy and inconsequential…and yet so interesting to me! They talked to different brides (well, I assume they talked to multiple brides…I was drying my hair during part of the story)…who, in turn, talked about an economical alternative on their Big Day. I really liked it…

Coincidentally, I might have mentioned I was in Boston for a conference last Monday…and afterward I met briefly with an analyst who actually asked me what I want to do next career-wise and I said, “Well, ideally, I’d like to write about food…” His response? “Right. You and every other woman in the world.”

But I guess he’s kind of right…when I was staying at the hotel last Sunday and had cable and was watching The Next Food Network Star, I saw Barbara Fairchild and sort of wondered, “How do you become Barbara Fairchild??” (MediaBistro says she’s “been in the food writing business since before sundried tomatoes went mainstream…” which actually kind of reminds me of the line in “When Harry Met Sally” when Bruno Kirby says, “I also wrote, ‘Pesto is the quiche of the ’80s.'” Bottom line: I wish I could figure out a way to take a page from Barbara and Bruno’s books…)

I *also* thought Babs looked kinda, well, older on TV than she does in her photo Bon Appetit…although I guess saying that out loud probably ruins my chances of ever becoming Barbara Fairchild, doesn’t it?


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