Making Good on Promises…

In order to say thanks for all the time my colleague – the unofficial tech genius – spent with me going over my laptop choices, I decided to make him a flourless chocolate cake (his request).

I was actually inspired to make good on my promise when I ran out of garlic and had to go to the grocery store in the rain…and decided to make the most of the trip. As I had not looked at a recipe prior to my departure, I called my mother from the store and asked her to look it up for me. I’m sure one of us made the requisite “I guess you don’t need flour…”-joke.

Coincidentally, this tech genius took to signing some of his e-mails, “P-Nut.” This, of course, reminds me of when we first moved to Mississippi…forgive me if I’ve blogged about this before, but we were driving around with our real estate agent when my mom saw a handwritten sign on the side of the road that said, “Boiled P-Nuts.” My mother, ever the gourmand, said, “Ooh! What’s that? Pine nuts?”

Our real estate agent replied with a frown, “No. Peanuts.”

I also decided to finally make good on a pie promise for our office cleaning lady. Many, many times I have put dishes in the kitchen and then have gotten busy posting stories and by the time I go to pick up the dishes, she has already cleaned them. I always feel bad…so I told her I’d make her something someday.

And…as I was making an apple pie last night, the thought occurred to me that instead of doing three layers of apples and having to do math (dividing the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg into thirds is kind of a pain), I could just throw everything in a bowl and mix it up with my hands. It was kind of messy…but then I was able to just toss the apple mixture into the crust. I’m sure she’ll be nice about it and, you know, won’t tell me it was gross if I really screwed it up…so I may have to try this method again if I’m feeling particularly math-averse…


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