Not a good day for ice cream cakes…

(But they ate it anyway.)

I haven’t actually made an ice cream cake for my colleagues here before, so given the weather (or a distinct lack of new recipes), I thought it would be PERFECT for the first of the Turning-30-in-June-Brigade. (Reminds me of my old job when my boss asked with that twinkle of condescension in his eye, “Is this a Carvel?”)

Unfortunately…I stayed out a *little* later than I intended on Thursday night…and so by the time I got home, I didn’t exactly have the chutzpah to freeze all the layers distinctly (you’re supposed to make an Oreo crust and freeze it; defrost cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, spread it over the crust layer and freeze it; defrost mint chocolate chip ice cream, spread it over the refrozen cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream and freeze it; and then top it all off with Cool Whip).

I, however, decided to cut a few corners and just thaw everything at the same time and pour it all in there and freeze it together. And normally, this cake has a certain heft to it and needs to soften for awhile after you take it out of the freezer…so I didn’t think it would be problematic to just leave it out on the desk next to me until the Birthday Boy got out of his meeting circa 11:30. But…I was wrong. It was pretty soupy by then…reminding me of the pudding dish I tried to bring to work last summer that totally liquefied and prompted a harried lunchtime Cool Whip run…


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