I was killing time at the end of the day at some point last week and came across this story about a giant wild hog.

Thematically, it probably isn’t appropriate here…unless the boy and his dad plan to eat it, I suppose…

And it’s probably callous to use this as a segue into grilling…but it is Memorial Day weekend, after all, and it’s hard to separate grilling and the official start of the summer…

My mother was visiting around this time last year and gave me a crash course in grilling…but I haven’t actually attempted it by myself since then. Sure, I had friends over last summer and we grilled things…but I always handed over the reigns to someone else. So…I’d like to make some sort of proclamation that it’s one of my goals this summer to develop a certain comfort level with grilling…but then I feel like maybe that’s a stupid thing to say…and who am I kidding, it’s not like I really grilled out all that much last summer either. (I have some lively upstairs neighbors…and I can be a *little* shy sometimes…and, yes, on a certain level I know that they really don’t care what I’m doing on my little patio…but part of me does worry about stumbling around with a Smokey Joe in plain view of those lively neighbors.)

I actually saw a segment on Rachael Ray this morning about whether or not to leave the lid open or closed (answer: leave it open for fish; close it for chicken). I actually have a TON of stuff in my refrigerator that I could grill – including fish! And now that I know to leave the lid closed

And by some happy accident, I also heard about Rachael’s 10 Ingredient Challenge. (This also reminded me of that Southern Living contest deadline that’s coming up really, really soon…) So…I think I’m going to declare this the “Summer of Cooking Contests.” And perhaps I can sneak grilling into that a little bit…so that I become more comfortable with tossing stuff on a barbie and, you know, perhaps find fame and fortune via one of these cooking challenges. Or at least keep myself out of trouble until August…

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, Lisa…..we really enjoyed reading about the apron and the pie book…..we are figuring out how to access your blog! love, Auntie Leslie and Uncle Ron

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