Clancy’s Cake

The stats:

10 pounds of sugar

9 pounds of butter

Approximately 8 pounds of cake flour

72 eggs (mostly egg whites)

And…a gallon and a half of whole milk

Fourteen hours later…et voilà.



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2 responses to “Clancy’s Cake

  1. Maria

    Ahh- you forget:

    4 monkeys
    2 hoola people (removed from the island for political reasons)
    1 angry plastic bride
    1 hispanic groom (acting in his first role as an Indian American man)
    1 Squishy severed hand
    1 Eyeball
    2 Palm Trees
    4 Cartons of white chocolate
    8 Bottles of champagne
    1 Bottle of port
    4 cups of Starbucks
    1 Bottle of whiskey
    1 Small child with a bottle of red food coloring
    1 terrifying trip down a flight of winding stairs

  2. Allison

    AND one amazing act of near-levitation on the part of a bizarrely Mary Poppins-esque caterer to get it back up the stairs…!!!

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