So Many Contests…

So little time?

I entered the “World’s Greatest Shoo-Fly Pie Bake-Off & Eating Contest” today. (The baking division, natch.) It’s free…it’s within driving distance…and it gives me a new project.

I’m a little perplexed by it as they say, “Taste is the last thing the judges consider.” It appears that creativity is the name of the game (i.e., the registration e-mail suggests, “Have fun – bring your sense of humor into your entry. For example, one entry last year that caught the judges’ eye was submitted with a flyswatter.”)

I made a shoo-fly pie more out of curiosity than anything else once…and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. But perhaps if I spend the next few weeks experimenting with it, I’ll find something really spectacular.

Also….it seems Southern Living has a recipe contest of its own. It says you can enter more than one category, but I’m afraid “Sweet Endings” is all I’m cut out for. Time’s running out…so I will definitely have multiple recipe thinking caps on tonight…wish me luck!


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