My Waitress Review

(Disclaimer: I have a friend who is super-smart…and we go to the movies sometimes and this friend always wants to dissect them afterward and I get really nervous because this friend is so super-smart and so I want to come up with something good to say…but, more times than not, I just come out with, “Err, um, it was good…” and I have a funny feeling this friend is constantly disappointed in my reviews.)

For lack of a better way of putting it, I thought Waitress was really sweet…

This will sound stupid, but the opening sequence made me really proud of what I do…granted, I do not have visions of pie as Jenna does…but I get how pie-making can be really cathartic. I’ve written about this before, but 99% of the time, I’m a neurotic, tongue-tied mess with a high-pitched voice (that gets really super-high when I’m nervous…which is basically all the time). Baking is sort of how I relate to people…

I was also kind of jealous of all the kitchen space she had to work with…whether at the diner or at home. (But, then again, I went to Pies and Thighs this weekend…which is a really, really tiny space…and they are able to produce a very good crust (at least on the rhubarb pie) that has cinnamon and stuff in it…and there were probably four or five people packed into that tiny little kitchen…including one woman pressing graham cracker crumbs from a Cuisinart into a glass pie plate…so I guess it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but rather the size of the fight in the dog…or something like that.)

And I do like those coming-into-your-own, landing-on-your-own-two-feet, good-things-happen-to-those-with-noble-hearts, you-have-the-power-to-change-your-own-life kind of stories…even if there was sort of a darker slant lingering there at times.

A few random coincidences I noticed: Andy Griffith was reading the Redhook Picayune.

I swear the lampshade in her hospital room was the same Laura Ashley pattern I had in my bedroom growing up. And there was a picture hanging on the wall (also in her hospital room) that I think my mother had hanging on a huge wall in our living room in Santa Rosa. It was a giant blank space and I remember going to a frame store at the mall with her to buy a bunch of pictures to fill up said blank space…and I must have gotten fidgety because the saleswoman told me I could pick out a print and a frame to put in my own room…and I remember being torn between Bugs Bunny and a female rabbit in a Looney Tunes-inspired version of American Gothic…and one of Porky and Petunia Pig dancing. (I was 7.) I ultimately opted for Porky and Petunia…and picked out thick black and pink frame to go with it…and remember being kind of confused when the saleslady told me a smaller pink frame would go better. (In hindsight, I bet that black and pink frame was pretty expensive…which I guess proves I was either greedy or had really good taste from a young age. Funny little side anecdote: there’s an organization that puts on a ball of sorts for financial journalists each year. At my previous job, only a select few received invitations. However, at my “new” job, many more get to go. I ran into one of those former colleagues in my neighborhood prior to last year’s ball [he was moving nearby] and we made idle chitchat, touching upon this Prom for Financial Journalists and he said that it was great because “everyone gets wasted and everyone gets laid.” I chose to interpret this to mean I was going to meet my soul mate. So…yet another former colleague decided to help me prep for the event [I actually ended up wearing what was supposed to be the bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding that never actually happened] and she’s a lot more, um, forthright than I am and I guess I was a little hesitant to embrace one of her suggestions and she said, “Lisa, don’t take this the wrong way. But you have really bad taste.”)

Spoiler (sort of): I was also happy to see Jenna win the pie contest…and I think her creativity is sort of the key to pie contests (see this year’s APC Best of Show winner). So, perhaps next time I’d do things differently. My aunt, however, alerted me to a Shoo-Fly Pie Bakeoff in Lancaster, PA on June 23…so perhaps that will be the new April 20. I do need a new project…but how does one get creative with Shoo-Fly Pie?


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