Stuff I’ve Been Meaning to Write About for the Longest Time…

You might have noticed I finally updated my Link List. I’ve really just plagiarized a section in Bon Appetit this month on Food Networking. I’m especially fascinated by FoodCandy – we’ll see if I’m ever brave enough to “let the world know (I) exist by syndicating (my) food blog.”

Bon Appetit was actually a WEALTH of blog-worthy material this month…I especially like the Mikasa “Shareware” round lidded boxes…but the foodie-themed ribbons they dug up also sort of “make” them (see page 98). Maybe I wouldn’t feel the same about them without the foodie-themed ribbons. Or maybe it’s the foodie-themed ribbons that I truly want…

And I of course was THRILLED to see an entire section on champagne – “A Party with Fizz.”

“Champagne isn’t just for the toast,” it says. “With this casual menu and our bubbly course-by-course pairings, you can pour it from start to finish – even with pizza.”

Bon Appetit’s version of pizza, of course, is shiitake and chanterelle with goat cheese. (So perhaps it would still be silly to drink champagne with, oh I don’t know, Pizza Hut’s Meat Feast?)

The salad is mache and green apple with pancetta and almonds. There’s orzo risotto and a lemon cream tart…but there’s also a raspberry-apricot compote with champagne and lemon verbena!

And they make champagne recommendations for each course! My heart be still!

Ooh – Fun Facts!


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