Citrus Pies Galore

I offered to bring a lemon meringue pie to a BBQ this weekend and was looking for recipes on epicurious…and remembered this one – lemon meringue ice cream pie in toasted pecan crust – that I saw in Bon Appetit last month. It says, “This dessert has it all — a pecan crust is filled with a layer of vanilla ice cream, topped with lemon curd, and then frozen. And the finishing touch? A golden brown crown of meringue.”

But…I’m a little dubious about transporting an ice cream dessert…thankfully, there are also plenty of room temperature options. So I still have some time to decide whether or not I want to live dangerously.

And since I’m going to make a lemon meringue, I figure I might as well kill two citrus pies with one stone and do that key lime pie, too. I *still* haven’t come across my family recipe in my apartment though…

There’s a key lime pie recipe on epicurious that calls for key lime juice…and, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the last time I made key lime pie I used regular limes. Is that a cardinal sin?? (For the record, FreshDirect does not sell key lime juice…and FreshDirect is usually my go-to website for anything that I think will be too complicated for my neighborhood grocery store. So…I may have to slum it with regular limes again. Although…in their defense, they do sell actual key limes, so I suppose if I wasn’t a lazy bum and squeezed them myself, I could, in fact, procure key lime juice. Ooh – quick note about the word “procure”: I was at the Atlanta Braves Clubhouse store once and saw a cardboard cutout of a player – maybe Tom Glavine? – and so I asked a salesman if they had any Javier Lopez cutouts and he said no…so I asked him if he could procure one for me and he laughed and said, “Procure??” And I said, “You know…get?”)

Ooh – there’s also a recipe for a key lime cheesecake. My coworkers do love cheesecake…

And get a load of this one – key lime pie with passion fruit coulis and huckleberry compote. I don’t even know what coulis is!

And there are key lime cannolis, too. Who’d-a-thunk?

And…let the record show that this is the second time in the spate of a week that I could have used that lemon zester that I did not purchase while my mother was visiting.


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