About that 8-Layer Beauty…

It sounds like a lot of layers, but they’re actually pretty thin…

I did, however, have to mix the batter for 10 minutes with a hand mixer…which made me realize the wisdom of a standing mixer. And the Kitchen Aid mixer is really something of a status symbol, isn’t it? Part of me really wants the hot pink one, but part of me remembers my mother’s mixer – which I think must have been a wedding present when she married my father in the early 70s as it was that sickening yellow color. And while it was uber-sophisticated at the time, but the time I came around, it was one ugly mixer. Long story short, I imagine my children would be horrified by a hot pink mixer.

I also only have two round cake pans…which meant baking four separate batches. (And eyeballing eight separate layers is – ahem – no piece of cake either. Some are definitely a lot thicker than others…the first few actually turned out almost crepe-like because I was so nervous about running out of batter…not that ending up with fewer than 8 layers would be the worst thing that ever happened.)

Two pans didn’t *quite* fit in the oven, so I had to sort of force ’em and they were *kind of* on top of each other and therefore a slight angles and so the layers themselves are a *bit* lopsided.

I was also totally pressed for counter space – I don’t have much to begin with…and cooling 8 8-inch rounds obviously requires a LOT of space. But I made it work…

I did not, however, make the frosting work. It was super-hard to get the stuff to stick on the sides (And 6 cups of powered sugar? Whoa, Nelly!)…so I got frustrated and threw the peanut butter cup chunks on top of it which promptly melted into a big goo and now it’s the ugliest cake in the world and has been hiding underneath foil in my refrigerator all week. I can’t leave it in there all weekend in good conscience and then give it to my coworkers…so I think I’ll give frosting another stab tonight.


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