Batter UP

…which is enormously clever since “batter” could be the actual stuff I used to make cupcakes…or simply a sly baseball reference.

So…my office softball team has its first game tonight and I made them softball cupcakes for the occasion. (I did it last year and it was a big hit. Although last year it was really hot in my apartment when I made them and I seem to remember the frosting sort of melting and sliding right off of them and then I freaked out about what to do…that was after I bought a big tube of red icing to make the softball ribbing on each and every one of them…but squeezing out the stuff was a lot harder than it looked – the lines were too thick and I was going to run out [meaning some of my “softballs” would be ribbing-less and therefore really just plain cupcakes]…so I tried to switch to a cake decorating kit…but then I couldn’t get the cap to stay on…and I’m not sure how I managed to squirt out curved lines on a dozen or so cupcakes…but I did and the softball team was very grateful.)

So…after somewhat spontaneously attending a Maker’s Mark event at the Brandy Library (sorry, Grammy, I could not drink an entire “Creole Fashioned…”), I headed back to Brooklyn for softball cupcakes, part deux. Not much to report. I made ’em big because I couldn’t fit many of them in my carrier. And I STILL had to keep 5 or so at home. But they didn’t melt this year. So…progress! (While I was making them, I got a call from a friend who pointed out the icing woes of my past…luckily it did not deter me.)


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