My first Liveblog!

Unfortunately, it’s about nerves…(and I still haven’t written about this morning, but I don’t have time for it now!)

I just tried my first crust! It didn’t work! I was really nervous about adding too much water…and then I was nervous about working with the dough too much so it’d be tough…and then I tried to roll out half of it …and it wasn’t round at all – it looked kind of like Germany…which means the bottom wouldn’t completely cover the pie pan which means it would leak which means it would be a disaster.

I tried to add more water to the other half (I think the problem was that the first dough I rolled out wasn’t sticky enough…I’m also nervous about getting flour on the carpet…which isn’t exactly a problem when I bake at home), but the second half kind of split in two. So…I’ve tossed both halves aside into a bowl and am going to start over. (I know! Such waste! But maybe I can cover them with cinnamon and sugar and bake them like my aunt used to do…and eat ’em as a midnight snack).

So…I’m sending this out into the universe…and saying that I let my nerves get the best of me the first time around…but the second time is going to be better. I’ve made countless pies over the past few months. I can practically make crusts in my sleep! I’m going to go now and make two PERFECT crusts!


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One response to “My first Liveblog!

  1. Bonnie Bauman

    Oh it does look like Germany! Good call LL:)

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