Last Minute Thoughts…

This is it – “crunch time,” “go time” – let the sports metaphors abound…

Exciting news – I am bringing a laptop with me so I will be able to blog while baking tomorrow! I’ve wanted to liveblog ever since January 23 (National Pie Day! When this all started!).

I went to Whole Foods last night looking for apricots for Aunt Jan’s Favorite Apricot Pie…but they didn’t have any fresh apricots. Only canned. So I now have four cans of Whole Foods apricots in my million-pound suitcase. Also in there? Bowls, measuring spoons, measuring cups, cooling racks, a baking sheet, a pie crust shield, a crust mat, a rolling pin, a peeler, an apple corer, Crisco, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, foil, saran wrap, dish towels, potholders…I couldn’t believe how heavy it was this morning!

I’ve never been one to travel light per se (fond memories of my dad’s “So…you remembered to pack your bowling ball…”- and/or “So…you remembered to pack your bricks…”-jokes come rushing back), but – seriously – my clothes and hair-straightening implements are taking up very, very little room in my over sized suitcase this time around (I’m so totally going to get slapped with an excessive baggage fee).

I panicked a little bit when it was ready to leave this morning and thought, “There’s no way I can carry this on the Subway!” so I called a local car service, but the wait was too long…so I bravely set out for the F train. Everything was fine – I waited for a relatively empty one and resigned myself to just not getting to work on time (which added a certain zen-like aura to my commute)…until I got to 42nd Street and climb up all those stairs. And two nice men were nice enough to help me…but both couldn’t believe how heavy it was and thought I was a stupid girl with suitcase stuffed to the gills with hair gel and a zillion pairs of shoes. Sadly, I did not have enough time to explain to them why my suitcase is stuffed with pie-baking implements…

I booked a car to pick me up at work though…so my suitcase travails are over (I think). It was funny – I’ve heard a lot of comments about my name in my day (mostly of the movie star/lusty lady variety…) but when I told the car service guy my name last night, he said, “You know what? If you owned a ranch, you could call it the Double L and you could brand all your cattle with a circle with two Ls in it!”

Perhaps on some cosmic level, that conversation was meant to be…and I should use the “circle with two Ls in it” as my signature vent??


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  1. Bonnie Bauman

    Hi LL, I think you should definitely do the LL thing as your signature vent! Take some pictures of the pies! Hope all is going well. Wishin’ I was there!!! We are all eagerly awaiting your next post!


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