I became a lifetime member of the American Pie Council today.

It’s cheaper for APC members to enter pies in the contest and so now that I’m entering TWO pies, it made sense to pony up the $35 to permanently join the APC.

I didn’t actually take any notes while baking this weekend, so this could be very stream of consciousness:

Brace yourself – I didn’t bake pies this weekend. (Although I went out into the rain to buy 8 Granny Smith apples so I can head straight home and bake for the baby shower tonight.) Funny – one would *think* that I would have taken better advantage of my last preAPC Crisco National Pie Championships weekend.

I did, however, make empanadas and an as-of-yet unnamed concoction I hope I can enter in the Pillsbury Bake-Off next year. And it’s funny – last night I was having these delusions of grandeur, thinking about winning the $1 million grand prize and how I could buy an apartment and pay off student loans and I wouldn’t have to worry about how to support myself, so I could focus on baking and freelancing full-time – what a magical turn of events it would be. Although perhaps I am getting *ever so* slightly ahead of myself. (I also wonder what I would do if I won one of the lesser prizes, i.e. GE kitchen appliances. I guess it would be a nice problem to have…)

This concoction of mine has several layers (one of which was necessitated by that damned List A!) and so I tried to do vary it a little in terms of how long I cooked each particular layer and so on and so forth…but then I baked them (two cheesecakes, for all practical purposes) at the same time and forgot which one was which…and one was definitely prettier than the other one…but I have no idea which one it was…and I’m definitely not going to have time to try this experiment again before Orlando. I was actually up until 1 AM, waiting for these suckers to finally set…and then I was tired and didn’t care anymore…so they went in my fridge whether they were ready to or not. So, who knows.


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