If you’re ever in the market for a wedding cake in San Francisco…

My aunt seems to know the drill:

She says, “Here is the bakery all the Italians use: Dianda’s Italian American Pastry, 2883 Mission at 24th Street, SF….(415) 647-5469 website www.citysearch.com/sfo/diandas.”

Apparently the cake that my cousin favors is called “Millefiori” cake which is like a Napolean pastry (layers of flaky crust with custard inside). The cake is frosted and you can write things or decorate it…she had it for her Christening and for her Engagement cake…

There is also a bakery the Italians all use called Victoria Pastry in North Beach, 1362 Stockton Street, (415) 781-2015 website www.victoriapastry.com. My aunt says they are famous for the “St. Honore” cake which has little cream puffs on it that are filled with rum flavored cream. (I couldn’t find the “St. Honore Princess Cake” she mentioned, but some of those wedding cakes are certainly worth a gander.)

Then there is The Cake Gallery which is famous for their “Adult Cakes” but they also do portraits, 3-D (remember the barbie doll cakes with the huge skirts???), or pretty much anything you want – they are extremely creative. Their web site is www.thecakegallerysf.com… they are South of Market, 290 – 9th Street at Folsom, (415) 861-2253.

My aunt says, “We used to use them for when I worked in hotels (the gay guys LOVED this place – guess what was their favorite cake shape????????)”


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