I forgot the best part!

I had jury duty yesterday…and while I was sitting in the little room in the courthouse building, I realized that I forgot the best part about Peeps pie. (Apologies to those of you who have heard this story every Easter since it happened…)

Because my aunt is such a HUGE Peeps fan, her friend signed her up for the Peeps Fan Club for her birthday one year. (In fact, to this day, my aunt carries around a membership card in her wallet that is signed by the Mayor of Peepsville.) But shortly after signing my aunt up for the Peeps Fan Club, my aunt’s friend noticed something was amiss on her credit card statement and…long story short, it turns out that whoever was on the other line at the Peeps Fan Club was committing credit card fraud.

And…I was also thumbing through Bon Appetit in the juror room and found a cardoon reference!


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