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My Doppelganger!

Beth Maldin, Adam Morgenthau

Unfortunately, there’s no photo here…but one of my colleagues brought in a clip from the Sunday paper…and at first I didn’t believe that she looked all that much like me…but she’s been sitting here on my desk for awhile…and she’s sort of starting to freak me out now!

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Random Thoughts Galore!

So…I used to be completely obsessed with a candy bar – Take 5. It was quite literally one of the only things that would make me happy after a bad day at work sometimes (well…that or a stiff drink). I haven’t actually had many Take 5s (or “taken five” as we used to say at my old job) since moving on to the new one, but I was at CVS this weekend and saw a peanut butter version. And it was on sale. I couldn’t resist!

My verdict? Not bad…but the beauty of Take 5 is that it has a little bit of everything – pretzels, peanut butter, peanuts, caramel and chocolate. So, if you take away the chocolate…you lose a little something, methinks.

I have such fond memories of Take 5! I used to live in a horrible apartment in a horrible neighborhood with horrible (mostly) roommates…and we didn’t have TV. So…apparently there used to be a Take 5 commercial back then with a Take 5 jingle that one of my coworkers would sing to me on occasion. (He is the same coworker who would eat anything from the vending machines. Aww…)

And…I totally forgot about this until now! On 05/05/05, there was a Take 5 Giveaway…which was almost exactly two years ago now! (Aww…)

I also intended to make good on my key lime promise this weekend…and totally intended to blog about how I usually find recipes on, but there’s actually a key lime pie recipe in this cookbook my aunt compiled for me and my cousins a few Christmases ago (it’s actually called “Lisa’s Favorite Key Lime Pie” in this particular book) and so I was going to use that recipe…and since I don’t use a lot of “family” recipes, it was my intention to print it right here in this blog! But, unfortunately, I cannot find it…admittedly, my recipe collection is somewhat chaotic…but my parents are in town and so I did a LOT of cleaning this weekend…and yet I still cannot find the missing page from my recipe book. So…I may have to resort to again.

Speaking of visiting parents (the feint of heart are advised to skip ahead to the next paragraph), I really was cleaning a lot this weekend and decided to even attack behind my oven…and discovered a LOT of flour from my pie-making days. (Aww…)

And…there was a Saturday Night Live sketch this weekend with the two women from the Bronx who have a talk show and Amy Poehler was going on about how her daughter drank an entire bottle of creme de menthe and was “puking green all over the place.”

(If you recall, when *I* had to buy a bottle of creme de menthe, I could not find green and therefore my grasshopper pie was a strange color. Ergo, if I drank the whole bottle…)

(Interestingly enough, the host was Peyton Manning…who, if you also recall, was on the team I inadvertently supported during the bakeoff that started this entire blog…simply because there weren’t any other Colts fans around and I felt sorry for them.)

I also felt bad because I made peanut butter pies for my colleague, but didn’t bring whipped cream and they were kind of ugly without it (I offered him a free pie coupon this morning to make up for it)…and…my parents and I went to Peter Luger last night and I know I’m supposed to wax lyrical about the steak – which was certainly quite good, don’t get me wrong – but I also really, really liked the cheesecake! And – here’s my tie-in to the peanut butter pie sans whipped topping – when you order dessert there, they bring you a big ol‘ bowl of whipped cream. But they call it schlag.”

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The most fun you can have with a candy dispenser?

I just saw an ad for a Poop Moose while I was checking my e-mail.

My parents actually have one of these suckers. But they live in Alaska…

(My parents use M&M’s.)

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I also missed…


(I got a free calendar from The Nature Conservancy though…so I can’t complain too much.)

And I had no idea there was a Please Pass the Pie Campaign to vote for official state pies! This, of course, means that I need to think of an official state pie for New York (I know, I know…time well spent). Vermont has already taken apple (which, if memory serves, was one of the trivia questions at the pie contest). But…picking apple for the Big Apple is too easy, isn’t it?

Hmm…I’m leaning toward chocolate cream…but I should probably have a better reason than “it was the first pie that came to mind.” (I’m trying to come up with something along the lines of…”the juxtaposition of black and white in this particular pie reflects a certain sophistication seen in the state itself.” THAT reminds me of a quote I saw recently while thumbing through an old yearbook. I went to school in Mississippi for a blip in time [What should the official state pie of ‘Sippi be??]…and I went to a really small private school there. As such, the seniors got half a page each with their senior photo and baby pictures and a quote…and one of the quotes stood out to me this time. It’s a Dave Barry: “Here is a tip on how to get good grades on your English papers: never say anything about a book that anybody with any common sense would say. So, in your paper, you say Moby Dick is actually the Republic of Ireland. Your teacher, who is sick to death of reading papers and never liked Moby Dick anyway, will think you are enormously creative. If you can regularly come up with lunatic interpretations of simple stories, you should major in English.” This, of course, resonates with me on so many levels because I was an English major…and because I wrote Dave Barry in a moment of crisis when I was living in Fairbanks – his column was syndicated in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and I thought he had the perfect job – the ability to write about whatever you want on a daily basis…and he was kind enough to write me back about how “we all go through lean times.” So…my sophisticated chocolate cream pie logic sort of parallels Moby Dick and the Republic of Ireland, no?)

(It seems as if my “readership” has expanded by leaps and bounds as of late…so apologies if my tone was somewhat – ahem – stifled…as I’m a little nervous with all these new eyes on it…!)

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A Press Release from the Pie Contest!

Apparently there actually was a Mrs. Smith once. And she was feisty.

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Back in the Saddle…

Last night I made a peanut butter pie for a colleague’s girlfriend’s nephew’s first birthday this weekend. He’s a BIG fan of whipped topping, so I have to find heavy cream tonight or my name is “Mud.”

I also have a commission for a banana cream pie in about two weeks (a repeat customer!)…and I still owe another friend a key lime pie. So…I shall bake again!

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I’m ballsy!

I had dinner with a friend last night who described my pie-contest-going as “ballsy.”

How do you like them – ahem – apples??

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