Culinary References Abound!

…in this story, Ugly Basketball is Beautiful for IU, UCLA, about Saturday’s match up.

Case in point:

“Put it all together on the same court Saturday, and you have a recipe for sludge soup — which is, of course, a dish best served to a coach like Sampson or UCLA’s Ben Howland, who’ll appreciate it for reasons having everything to do with a grinder’s mentality and nothing to do with art.”


“There isn’t much mystery meat on this plate. UCLA, the national runner-up a year ago, gets to Saturday’s game as a team that spent weeks this season as the top-ranked club in the country, and it wasn’t until end-of-the-season flops against Washington and Cal that anyone really wondered if the Bruins were vulnerable. Indiana, emerging now through the fog of the end of the Davis years, has just finished suggesting that it is ready to begin re-establishing its reputation behind a defense-first system.”

Since I am notoriously a sports curse, this begs the question of whether or not I should/can watch that game as it sounds like it is going to be an ugly match.

Either way, I’m really glad that Mata guy doesn’t have that weird face mask thing this season…


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