I made cake. From a box!

Another one of my colleagues is leaving and requested a plain olDuncan Hines cake with Duncan Hines frosting in honor of his departure. (I just looked at their website and noticed they have a Baking Club!) I obliged, but felt like I had to do a *little* something extra. It just so happens that I was out with said colleague once long ago and got a little tipsy and – long story short – was feeling somewhat candid, so I made fun of his green shirt and told him I think he’s smug. So…it’s a happy little accident that we’re so close to St. Patrick’s Day because green sprinkles are remarkably easy to come by. The rest of my colleagues think I made a green cake to honor my Irish heritage. But a select few know it’s a nod to my previous faux pas…

I was totally examining the box last night for blog-worthy material, and came across a little decal in the corner that says, “As recommended in WILTON METHOD Cake Decorating Schools.”

Fondant, tiered cakes and gum paste – oh, my!

But, seriously, I had no idea the offerings were so comprehensive! Sugar Artistry? Chocolate Inspirations? Marzipan Magic??

My very first job ever was working at a bakery in Georgia. Which is actually where I discovered I have a hidden talent for cake decorating. I’m sure the folks at the Wilton Method Cake Decorating Schools would put me to shame…but I can write on a birthday cake in a pinch.


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