I really like my new pie book…

However, it’s making me somewhat covetous of all sorts of gadgets.

I really like the pie bird that allows steam to escape through its beak! (What’s-his-name said these are kind of hard to come by nowadays…or at least that some of them can be kind of expensive.)

And…the suggestion to use an oven guard instead of a cookie sheet with foil (which I’ve tried time and time again) is very, very intriguing!

This book also has lots and lots of fun facts about all that is pie.

Although…I’m not so sure about the cherry pie “tip” – learn how to tie the stem in a knot with your tongue while you’re waiting for it to bake?? Perhaps I’m being prudish, but that seems a little risque for pie bakers, doesn’t it? Or at least it doesn’t exactly jive with my notion of the average reader. Perhaps there’s a lesson in there somewhere…


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One response to “I really like my new pie book…

  1. Anonymous

    Wow–I have never heard of those gadgets! The bird one sounds cool, if just for the dramatic effect of the steam…Erica

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