An Old Job, Nearly Forgotten Friends & Packaged Snack Foods

(Or, alternatively, “Disasters in Icing & Trouble in Transport.”)

So…I hitched a ride on the Acela Express today (I am reminded of a smartass comment a former colleague made before Javy began his brief tenure with the Red Sox last season – something to the effect of my beloved hitching a ride on the Acela Express to Boston…which was really insulting at the time….even though I guess I have to admit it *could* have been more or less true. But I’m sure he flew to Denver this time!) and couldn’t help but notice a package of cookies on the snack cart from Mrs. GoodCookie. This, of course, reminds me of Mrs. Freshley whose eponymous brand populated the vending machine in that very same office building where I worked with the aforementioned smartass. One of our mutual coworkers (who is also something of a smartass in his own right…and who I still occasionally see when his band performs) used to eat anything from the vending machines and was the sole reason we discovered Mrs. Freshley in the first place. While I never sampled any of Mrs. Freshley’s fare, she is the winner of a Best Taste Award and I think there’s something to her motto – “fun bakery products” – that I myself would like to emulate. (For her part, Mrs. GoodCookie boasts, “Now that’s a good cookie.”)

I purchased another copy of Southern Living for my trip which has an entire section on cupcakes (cupcakes seem to be very in vogue right now) and – get this – a 3-tier cupcake carrier designed by Martha Stewart. As many people know, transportation is always my biggest problem (leaky apple pie on the Subway, et al) and so I think the Martha Stewart Everyday 3-Tier Cupcake Carrier sounds like a dream! (The article also talked about the individual Cup-a-Cake Holder…but which is cute and everything, but I’d need at least a dozen of them to serve my purposes). Case in point: my office softball team was in need of some cheer last season (or perhaps I was just in need of a baking project) and so I decided to make them cupcakes with white frosting and red icing as ribbing so they looked like little softballs. I had purchased a cake decorating kit long, long ago and assumed I could just screw one of the cake decorating kit caps onto the icing tube and squeeze away but I found it wasn’t quite as easy as that…and, long story short, I made some funny looking softballs which then had to be stuffed into a plastic container for transport. Oh, how easy it will be to transport the funny looking softballs next season with the Martha Stewart Everyday 3-Tier Cupcake Carrier!


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