Other than that, I’m kind of stuck…

I worry I’m running out of things to say here. And I still have over a month until the contest! (Have I peaked??)

I mean, I guess it’s not like I have absolutely no idea what to write about under the “baking” umbrella. I could mention my mother and link to the recent NYT story about bread.

Mom says, “We had another quiet weekend, too cold to go outside. Dad bottled two of his beers. He got me a sourdough starter from one of his financial people. Apparently it is from the Brooks Range and over 40 years old. I made bread this weekend and was THRILLED — it finally turned out. I pretty much babysat it all weekend but the end product was so very rewarding –after all this time, to finally have success.”

So, congratulations to Mom.

And…I was scouring my favorite news websites and see Rachael Ray and her dog had a bit of trouble in Union Square Park.

But, I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got in terms of blogworthy food topics.

Ooh – my mother wants to go to Chez Panisse when we’re in San Francisco later this month. And I just made reservations to go to Peter Luger when she is visiting me in New York next month. So, presumably I have some good eatin‘ ahead of me.

And…a weekend or two ago I was shopping for round cake pans to make that Boston cream pie and my only real option was to buy a 6-piece bakeware set that included two cake pans, a cookie sheet, a rectangular cake pan, a muffin pan and a loaf pan. While there was some overlap with stuff I already had, I’m very excited to finally be able to make banana bread the way God intended. (I’ve never had a loaf pan before.) I also added cooling racks to my arsenal.

That’s officially it. I hope I do not develop a form of blog writer’s block (blog-block?).


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