From Out of the Blue…

I heard yesterday from an old friend who I met at my very first job in New York – that is, ushering at the now-defunct Mamas and Papas musical. We’ll call him Marty. He says he reappeared after months and months because he’s going to Alaska this weekend. So…we were catching up and I was telling him about my blog and so on and so forth and he filled me in on his comings and goings over the last few months? Years? It’s been a long time.

I knew he could beatbox, but it turns out that Marty is also quite the air guitarist. Last May, he won a regional air guitar competition and then went on to place third in the national competition. He described himself as an “oily bohunk” in his act…and after a little research on the good ol‘ World Wide Web, I learned he calls himself “Count Rockula.” He lost out to some guy who goes by “Hot Lixx Hulahan,” but Count Rockula assures me it was more of a judging glitch in which the powers that be didn’t want to give up too much too early and saved higher scores for those who performed later.

Marty also says that he is “obsessed with the word “snickerdoodle.'” That was all I got out of him baking-wise, though. He was on his way to poker night and so, unfortunately, I was unable to confirm whether he is “obsessed” with the actual cookie, too.


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