I’ve sort of been saving this for a rainy day…

I keep seeing ads on the Subway for Ace of Cakes and in the back of my mind I have meant to blog about it all along. I wish I had cable! A friend of mine profiled this guy (I think?) for a Baltimore newspaper…and had some funny stories. I guess that’s my six degrees of separation??

Perhaps the “bad boy of baking” is my soul mate. I think one could argue that I am a “good girl.” We’d be interesting foils of one another, no? Kind of like Sandra Bullock and her husband? Except she didn’t meet him until she was in her forties…(I think. I’ve been traveling a lot for work and in the past few years have developed a crazy fear of flying – so much so that I’m convinced I’m headed for certain death whenever I board a plane – and so my special treat to myself when I have to fly is that I get to read silly magazines that talk about how old Sandra Bullock was when she first got married.)

I see that numerous decorators who work for the “bad boy” were born in 1983. That makes me feel old.


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