A Suggestion from the Danish Ballroom Dancing Champ…

“You should consider inventing a Flamingo Pie. It has to be pink of course. Regarding the filling I’m not the expert, but am sure with your imagination that you will have lots of idears…I’m sure that you will win the competition next year if you dare to enter it with the ‘Lisa Lacy’s Flamingo Surprise Pie’!!!”

I’m intrigued. This could go one of several ways. A sweet pie with a little food coloring for emphasis? A savory pie with shrimp or imitation crab meat??

Speaking of savory pies…one of my colleagues has been droning on and on about me making a savory pie instead of sweet ones all the time – I *think* he was going to post a bona fide challenge here at some point – and there’s most definitely a recipe for a savory tart in Bon Appetit this month! It’s a cauliflower and caramelized onion tart…but don’t let the word “tart” fool you – it calls for a refrigerated pie crust and so I think it qualifies as a savory pie…or at least a solid backup if I have trouble bringing my shrimp and/or lump crab meat pie to fruition.

I worry about being chided for relying too heavily on cooking magazines for content, but I had several other thoughts this weekend while thumbing through the March issue:

1. Dolly Parton has a new cookbook! My favorite quote from her interview? “I look cheap and I cook cheap.” (Sorta wish that could be my blog motto…)

2. There’s a spread on a “girls’ night in” and while I’m all for bonding with your female friends, the menu seems a *bit* much for any rational being to pull off. Or perhaps the median age of Bon Appetit readers is significantly older than I am and it’s just that I’m too young and/or poor and/or uncouth to pull off a feast of meyer lemon cosmopolitans, crisp polenta rounds with pesto and pine nuts, lime-marinated salmon on potato crisps with meyer lemon confit and beef carpaccio crostini with black truffle vinaigrette for my girlfriends on a whim? (And don’t even get me started on marinating your own quail eggs…) Not that the menu doesn’t sound completely wonderful…it just puts anything I can do to shame. I *think* I’m going to have some people over on St. Patrick’s Day to get rid of the creme de menthe and the creme de cacao I bought to make Andy’s grasshopper pie…and I’m pretty sure the menu will be creme de menthe, creme de cacao, Guinness and pretzels. Perhaps my friends deserve better??

3. There is also a recipe for an almond praline cake that says it requires 6 hours (!!) to create but that it’s “worth every minute” and “this big-deal cake can be made a day ahead” as “this stunner is well worth the time.” Chocolate bark sounds scary…but the cake looks amazing so it’s on my to-do list when I’m feeling industrious.

Pants wants to practice making wedding cakes this weekend! Complete with chocolate monkeys!


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