Banana Boston Cream Pie, Interrupted…

I hate to let a day go by without blogging, but my silly job and some pesky financial aid applications for grad school seem to be ruining all my fun.

Suffice it to say, I did not have enough time to do my “fresh versus frozen fruit” experiment this weekend. And I attempted to assemble a Banana Boston Cream Pie in the style of Emeril, but it turned into something of a miserable failure – even for me…and disasters abound when I’m in the kitchen (even if I do usually have something that’s okay when all is said and done…as someone pointed out to me today).

The bananas weren’t *exactly* ripe (even though in real life, green bananas are my favorite). And I refused to purchase vanilla beans because they’re too expensive and it seemed frivolous for the custard that I was going to whack in between two layers of sponge cake. But then I ran out of vanilla extract and had to run to the corner bodega last night. It had started snowing, so I suppose there was something of a “magical winter night” aura, but I had just gotten a haircut and didn’t want it to get all wet and poofy and I was wearing velour pants that don’t usually leave my apartment. I had to pay an arm and a leg for vanilla extract (roughly $1 an ounce!) but they had it and therefore saved my bacon. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I didn’t *quite* have four cups of flour either. I decided my “sponge cake” could do without. It wasn’t until I actually read the directions for the custard and realized it had to be refrigerated for four hours (after straining!) that I had to accept defeat and resign myself to bringing it in on Tuesday. So my very first Boston cream pie is still a work in progress…

I did, however, have time to make some fancy-pants macaroni and cheese and came across a recipe for a South-of-the-Border-themed mac and cheese, too, so I may decide to make mac and cheese my new thing.

I’m also searching for a catchphrase for my blog…so far, “Pies with Pizazz” is the frontrunner. But I’m open to suggestions!


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