Ellen! Oprah! Baking!

Apparently Oprah was on Ellen this week which is a big deal because Oprah doesn’t make many appearances like that, but Ellen is doing Oprah’s show after the Oscars, so Ellen had some leverage.

Long story short, I guess one of them has moved quite close to the other one (in Santa Barbara?) and Ellen ran into Stedman at the local deli. Stedman, Ellen said, was eating a brownie he had purchased there and Ellen quipped, “Oprah! What’s wrong with you?? Cook for the poor man!” (Loose quote.)

And Oprah replied, “I don’t bake.” (Again, loose quote.)

I guess it isn’t shocking though. If I was Oprah, I probably wouldn’t bake either.


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One response to “Ellen! Oprah! Baking!

  1. gledwood

    What do you mean Ellen is doing Oprah’s show after the Oscars? I thought they both had their own shows? So why would Ellen want to do someone else’s? There’s no point relying on local media to answer such questions as they’re not at all interested in those particular people. Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham yes, Oprah Winfrey – no! What a different life you lead to mine! You can read about mine at my blog which is gledwood2.blogspot.com. It’s pretty different to yours … You’re most welcome to drop by. I look forward to seeing you there. All the Best now


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